Ricardo Dominguez is the chair of the Department of Visual Arts, UCSD. Dominguez was a founding member of Critical Art Ensemble and a cofounder of Electronic Disturbance Theater 1.0 (EDT), a group who developed virtual sit-in technologies in solidarity with the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico, in 1998. With Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab project with Brett Stalbaum, Micha Cardenas, Amy Sara Carroll, and Elle Mehrmand, the Transborder Immigrant Tool (a GPS cell phone safety net tool for crossing the Mexico/US border) was the winner of “Transnational Communities Award” (2008), an award funded by Cultural Contact, Endowment for Culture Mexico–US and handed out by the US Embassy in Mexico. He was under investigation for 3 years for this project by the FBI, U.S. Congress and UCSD. The Transborder Immigrant Tool has been exhibited in many national and international venues. He was a Society for the Humanities Fellow at Cornell University (2017-18), a Rockefeller Fellow (Bellagio Center, Italy) during the summer of (2018), and a UCLA Luskin Institute on Inequality and Democracy Fellow (2021). Ricardo is also chair of the Department of the Visual Arts. Many of his articles and essays can be accessed and downloaded online. He recently has been featured in a re-collective exibition of 40 years of collaboration at the Center for Digital Culture in Mexico City, Mexico, and part two this retrospective was presented at Galler@QI (UC San Diego).

CV – Ricardo Dominguez – 2021

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